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Free Beta Access

Be the first to enjoy hand on experience trying SimplyStack's bigger platform, built on cutting-edge technology, rapid networking, instant visualization deployment, and more.


Free Stacklet

Get a free Stacklet upon joining SimplyStack beta: 2GB CPU, 50GB NVMe SSD Disk plus 2TB Bandwidth, instantly deployed, no restrictions, no fees.


Early Access Discount

This includes an on-launch discount for your account on our full platform (coming soon). Make sure to join the Early Access Discount Programs from our Control Panel.


Nice Freebies

We offer nice freebies to our beta version users and testers. Sign in to our referral programs, pick the freebies you want, and have them delivered to your location.

Meet our Community

In the SimplyStack community all of us can ask, find, answer, recognize, inform, and suggest ideas. Developing better cloud hosting for all business types.

Sneak Peek into Our Robust Ecosystem

Be the first to enjoy hand on experience trying SimplyStack's bigger system, built on cutting-edge technology, rapid networking, instant visualization deployment, and more.

Powerful Control Panel

Provides Instant virtualization deployments, easy to use, and a wide variety of tools to control and scale any service on the fly. Get busy growing your business whereas we get busy enhancing our tools.


All-Powerful Features you don't want to miss!

Save time with pre-installed software


99.99% uptime SLA

Our stacklets locations are designed with full redundancy to give your App 99.99% uptime SLA.



Use SimplyStack comprehensive DNS management tool to create, manage, and assign domains in your stacklets.



Free network graph feature that allows you to visualize clusters and relationships between your infrastructure quickly for better monitoring and evaluation of your stacklets.



We use 40G Ethernet Switches with high speed and port density to make sure high speed flexible bandwidth is provided across all your stacklets.



IPV6 is the most recent version of the internet protocol we use in our network, to ensure seamless security, scalability and connectability to your cloud infrastructure.


Private Networking

A better way to share your data safely and independently. Secured public and private network.


Snapshot transfer

Moving data is hard! We make it easy by allowing you to transfer your snapshot images across different regions, as easy as moving files.


User Data

Creating Stacklets with your data is simple with SimplyStack. Pass your data scripts on the Stacklet's creation or run the script after the stacklet is initiated, all these options are available within our control panel.


Cluster Deployment

Multi-purpose Apps require extensive deployment and high functionality, hence we created this cool tool to improve performance and availability over your stacklets.


Stacklet Resize

Your Apps are growing rapidly, as you stacklets, resize your servers via our cloud control panel and adjust instantly to your business needs.


Nvme Powered

We provide the fastest and most reliable SSD in the market! Powerful read/write speed upto 1.25 TB/s. Choose the best platform to your App, blazing speed and stability guaranteed!



Special customization of your physical hardware is not an issue with our KVM, we give you full control to your hardware to completely deploy stacklets according to your Apps requirements.